DLand - Me = Winner .... Bossman = Loser

I got lots of presents today. Bossman is back from his trip and he came bearing gifts. I got a new black ball cap with “Venetian” embroidered on it (Mrs. Bossman got that for entering the tournament). And I got a stuffed monkey that he won me at the carnival (again with the monkeys). Plus I got an M&M t-shirt and another Vegas t-shirt that changes colors in the sun. Photo-sensitive ink is cool. I loves me a technologically advanced piece of clothing. The icing on the cake (mmmm, icing) was the new Caramel M&M's that came from the M&M store. We taste tested them, but the jury is still out on whether we like them.Bossman: “The second one was better than the first one.” Me: “They have a nice bouquet. Would you like to sniff the wrapper?” Bossman: “Wonder if they keep getting better? Like by the 10th one, we'll be fighting over the bag.” Me: “Let's not risk it.” Bossman didn't fair so well in the gambling world. He said the hat and the monkey were about all he won in Vegas and I got both of them. But he did have an $80 breakfast yesterday. Room service in Vegas is a grand affair. They brought a toaster up so that they could toast their own muffins in the room. And a huge bouquet of flowers. And fresh squeezed orange juice. No wonder it was $80. We agreed for that price one could take a limo to Wal-Mart and buy your own toaster. Good thing room service was comped with the rooms. Needless to say, I bought lunch today since he's broke and we're all happy tomorrow's pay day.