DLand - Best 10 Dollars I Ever Spent

Genie says: heheheheheheheheGenie says: oooo eeee EEEEE! Dan says: uh huh ... I am TRYING to get out the door to head to Greensboro ... and I get a friggin Monkey Phone Call Dan says: :-) Genie says: hehehehehehe Dan says: there will be retribution Genie says: so was it a very realistic monkey? Dan says: no, it was a FRIGGIN person Dan says: wasn't even taped Dan says: you do much better Genie says: I'll see if I can get some free lance work from him :) Dan says: “Hello Dan, someone has sent you a monkey phone call ... are you ready?” Genie says: hee hee Dan says: rather lame ... not nearly as good as an origami boulder Genie says: but it was more personal than an origami boulder. Dan says: well, I guess the point is that no one can do better than the original monkey Dan says: all others are a distant second Genie says: thank you ... that means a lot. Dan says: well, everyone has to have something they are good at Dan says: oooo oooo EEEEE Genie says: ooo ooo EEE, indeed. Dan says: ok, heading to Greensboro Genie says: ok, have fun.