DLand - Achy Breaky Entry

Sooooo Tired I didn't do anything for Mother's Day. Well, that's not true. I gave my mother a nice 3 quart pot and came over to wash my clothes. And my mother folded my laundry for me for Mother's Day. No, I'm not a horrible daughter. She did this without my authorization or knowledge. I came back to get my clothes and they were folded and in a cardboard box waiting for me. And she made me tapioca pudding too. Mom rocks.Been in a funk most of today. I blamed it on physical fatigue yesterday. And that was probably true. I'm covered in bruises and scrapes and sore spots from things I can't even remember. Moving is hard. And today, I thought I would accomplish so much more. But it just wasn't happening. The blinds going up and the last of my dishes put away seemed to have been the bulk of my achievements. Oh, and the big ass table is put together and upright. I have a washer and dryer now temporarily thanks to my superior parents - delivered and installed today. I was going to bring it inside myself because I'm just that stubborn, but I'm apparently not strong enough to pull a washer up four brick steps on a dolly alone. Oh, I tried. But I had enough sense to quit while I was ahead. Like Dad says, if I had his physical strength, I'd be dangerous. I did get the washer hosed off and tipped over to dump the water out and onto the dolly. Just those damn steps were a bit too much. There are still starlings living in my stove exhaust vent. Damn hateful birds. Dad “got rid of” the momma bird and the eggs (now he sounds like Pussy from the Sopranos). But new birds have moved in (probably the original momma's cousins or some such). I'm not interested in bird murder, but I want them gone as they are harrassing my cat and making a general ruckus. So I asked Dad to make them “go away” if I promised to never ask where they went or how they went away. I think he will make them an offer they can't refuse soon. Ugh. Well, I just typed “if I was” and it took me four times of reading the sentence before I realized it and fixed it. This tells me my brain has gone to bed and I should follow it soon. I'll fix the rest of my typos and grammar violations in the morning.