Two Places That Are Almost Heaven

15 radio stations. 1 Gospel. 1 Christian. 2 Classic Rock. 1 Public Radio. 10 Country (classic, new country and easy listening country). Yep. I'm definitely in West Virginia.The most amazing part about this little piece of almost heaven is that they have enough flat land on which to situate a suitable runway. The plane landed, I swear, on the only flat surface within 100 miles. So I'm in WVa, training folks. It's a pretty decent trip all told so far. I wowed them all with my knowledge and charm. And tomorrow I get to put my brain to work and set up all the customizations we talked about today. Wheeee. Bossman is headed to Vegas on Wednesday and I'm very jealous. Unfortunately, we can't seem to be gone at the same time without the world blowing up. So my trip to the desert will have to wait. I'll be holding down the proverbial fort the rest of this week in his absense. I better get a present when he comes back, though. 8x10 glossy of Lance Burton or something. Or a bucket of 50's. Either would be fine. I will have a little taste of Vegas, though, as we're going to see Penn and Teller on the 17th. I'm looking forward to that and thinking it will almost sate me. If only I could throw money in the street while I'm watching Penn and Teller. Then I would get the complete Vegas experience.