DLand - So That's Why They Call Him Amazing

To paraphrase Mary Jane, Spider-Man is ... amazing.Jeremy and I had a great evening of sushi and cinema. I'll leave the film commentary to him as he shared a lot with me already and I'm sure could fill an entire entry about how Spidey could kick Batman's ass. I did get to cruise around in the SHO tonight, though. The SHO is running nicely (once we reconnected the battery in the driveway) and it was pretty peppy. Still a homely little car, but a real sleeper. I have, however, found the car of my dreams. I am going to test drive one tomorrow just to revel in its cuteness and peppiness. Jeremy says he doesn't trust first year models of cars, but Mr. Pot can't be telling Ms. Kettle what kind of car to lust after when he drives the first model year of a Ford Taurus SHO from 1989. So I'm in the bathroom after the movie and these two girls are chattering away in the stalls to my left. They are going on and on about how great Toby Maguire was in the movie and one girl says she didn't think he would make a good Spider-Man and she thought he would be really blah but he wasn't. As I'm buttoning my shorts I blurt out, “there is absolutely nothing blah about Toby Maguire.” Dead silence falls over the bathroom as they take in the unsolicited commentary from two stalls over. Hmph. I waltz out, images of a topless Toby running through my head.