DLand - The Only Kind of Optimistic to Be

Look at her. She looks so damn happy. I seem to recall the scraped chin to have come from falling off the swing in the back yard. That's what one gets for swinging with no hands, I suppose (attempting to fly, as I recall). But it doesn't seem to have affected her spirits. My parents have boxes and boxes of pictures of a little girl like this.When life is getting you down, buy toys. I have a new computer and the multimedia capabilities of it are astounding. I can watch TV on my computer. Because you know, listening to music while chatting online and terminal serving into my computer at work is just not enough sensory input for me. I have to have Comedy Channel too. My neighbor next door came over to ask what I knew about Business Statistics. Uh, nothing. She and her friend have an exam on Monday and are desperate for understanding. I gave her sympathy and a good luck, but just don't think I'd make the best study partner. Like Barbie says, math is hard. When I was about the age of that picture, my parents moved to the house that they're in now. Our first Christmas there was very exciting. Hell, everything is exciting when you're four. My brother was in an angsty mood on Christmas day (the weight of the world is heavy when you're 11) and my mother cautioned him to cheer up before he ruined anyone else's Christmas. As I motored past in the hall, I stopped and turned to them, declaring, “he's not gonna ruin my Christmas.” Nope. No sirree. Bossman said once the only kind of optimistic is foolishly optimistic. But I'm not sure that's completely true. I'm an optimistic person. Have been my whole life. And I would like to think that I haven't also been a fool my whole life. Time will only tell, I suppose. And I found out today that my voicemail deletes messages after 30 days. Stupid phone. How am I supposed to be an disorganized packrat with limitations like that? Sigh.