DLand - Ah, the Workman's Comp Form Would Be Great

Great If I had a job description at this wacky place, it sure would be a colorful one.We moved some computers around today in the office and Bossman needed the network cable hooked back up to the wall. He's got one of those wrap around desks and the network jack is in the back corner. Crawling on the floor was not an option given the solid back of the desk. So I had to take the high road. Squeezing my body behind the 21” monitor, I got it plugged in only to lose my balance and fall forward into the hole. I couldn't push off because my fingers were only brushing the carpet but not really touching it. And my knees were on top of important papers on the desk, not giving me much traction. Bossman: “Uh, are you okay?” Me: “I sink I'm schtuck.” Bossman: “What?” Me: (pushing face off of wall) “I said, I think I'm stuck!” Ass in the air and feet swinging off the edge of the desk, my entire torso had slipped down and was pressed between the desk and the wall. Bossman: “I would help, but I'm not sure what I can grab hold of safely.” He grabbed the cuff of my overalls, pulling my leg off the desk and leaving me balancing between my left knee on the desk and my left cheekbone up against the wall. I was starting to sink into the hole. Bossman tugged the hammer loop on my overalls trying to get me out but that loop is on my left leg - the one keeping me on the table. I was laughing so hard at this point that I could barely breath and was definitely falling into the hole where I would never get out. My main concern was falling on the UPS and killing power to the machines (as opposed to killing myself). Somehow I managed to get my fingers up against the back of the desk. I then pushed my face up against the wall and started creeping back out. The whole time listening to Bossman behind me warn “you're going to break my speakers ... oh, my god, the Mountain Dew ... oh, good grief.” This is why I don't where skirts to work very often.