DLand - Booze and a Crystal Phallis

“It's the 1 percent fringe society members that don't want to be part of society.”- Vincent Cannito, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

When I wake up at 1:30am after drinking half a bottle of mead and several beers, my mouth makes me think I spent Saturday night licking the litter box rather than drinking and schmoozing. Jerome and Tina were in town this weekend and I got to hang out with them for a bit. Most of my Saturday was spent moving (still ... again ... whatever). When Jeremy called at 5:30 to invite me to dinner, I was covered in cut grass, sweat, dust and whatever stuff was in the fridge that should have been thrown away long ago and definitely shouldn't make the trip to the new house. By 7, I had moved the last of my stuff from apartment to house and had managed to find clean underwear and toiletries enough to look presentable for the evening. We had some scrumptious seafood and mead and a bit of steak and mead and some roasted red potatoes and mead. All very tasty. I'm all jealous of Jerome's mead skills (and supplies). By 8:30 we were all very drunk. Tina gave me a tarot reading (of which I only remember the names of the three cards and that she looked into my eyes several times and said “but there are flowers”). She also gifted me with a two inch long crystal penis. That's real friendship. Or at least I hope that was friendship and not some kinky pagan pickup line. All I know is it was alarming to find it in the pocket of my shorts the next afternoon while checking out at Food Lion. By 11pm or so, I had fallen asleep on the loveseat in much the same position my dog had when she slept on that loveseat - feet in the air and back twisted with head hanging off the side. I was probably snoring. It had been a long day. I vaguely remember being moved to a bedtype surface. I think I still had my glasses on. I just remember waking up with cat box mouth and very low blood sugar and the distinct desire to go home and let my dog outside. All in all, a pretty good evening. Sunday was spent organizing my life and washing the dog (she had found something fun to roll in earlier). My brother is in a state of transition right now too where he might move in with his girlfriend or might not or might move in general or might not. Ah, indecision. So it seems everyone and everything in the GenieAlisa household is shifting. My brother and I are sorting out which dishwasher goes where and how to get my fridge in the house and who needs the lawnmower right now. Nothing is ever simple. Nothing ever changes.