DLand - Such a Brave Girl

I am so hardcore. I went to see a movie that could have potentially given me nightmares and possibly sent me running to my parents' house for safety. I went to see "Panic Room." Ostensibly, it was because Jodie Foster is in it and she's a babe. Well, she is still a babe (and quite handy with a ten pound sledge). But I was a bit concerned about the suspense factor of it all. I was afraid that I would spend most of the movie under the seat and not enjoying Jodie Foster in pajamas or Dwight Yoakam in a ski mask.

I have to say, it was well worth the $7. What follows is my unsolicited review. I'm no Roger Ebert, but ... well, nuff said about that.

First, I resisted every temptation to geek out about the daughter being diabetic. They did a pretty good job covering that, except for the fact that no sane diabetic goes to bed with a blood glucose of 70 mg/dL and sitting in a room doesn't generally make said blood sugar plummet. Bah. The medicine was all very realistic, though. Reminds me, I should check the expiration date on my glucagon in case three bad guys try to break into my apartment and I have to lock myself in my Panic Bathroom.

Which brings me to the three bad guys. Ok, this was when I started to realize that I was not going be overcome with the intensity so much as the insipidness. This high tech heist was being performed by the Three Stooges, apparently. I think my dog could have outwitted these dudes.

Jodie was very tough and smart and handy with a hammer. There was only one moment that I had to cover my eyes for fear of her getting hurt. And no, I can't remember what scene it was - my eyes were covered, silly.

I also found it a little ironic that I was concerned about my blood sugar about the same time that the daughter was in the movie. I always have trouble in movies (because it's usually after dinner and I'm trapped in a place where you have to sell an organ to get something with sugar in it). And my insulin pump still has a few more things I have to reprogram in it. It went all fucked up yesterday went the backup battery wonked out (these are all medical and technical terms here, try to keep up). So the whole movie just dripped of irony.

But overall, I give the movie and my bravery in the face of creepy music and crazy camera angles high praise. Shut up, I still can't watch Aliens in one sitting without retreating to another room and almost have that movie memorized.