DLand - How Many Horsies You Got On That Deck?

"Life is too short to walk behind a 3.5 horsepower lawnmower. Not when there are 6 horsepower mowers out there."- my father

I am constantly amazed at the crap that my parents put up with as landlords in this quiet little town. If people can barely pay the rent and don't own a mower, are you supposed to demand they purchase a mower? Do you loan them one and then watch it go to pieces because they don't understand to put oil in it? Do you mow the lawn for them and then charge them for it (remember that part about them barely affording the place)? Bah. My father has earned a room with a view in heaven.

Most of today was spent dripping in sweat. I moved some stuff to the new place and helped Daddy with some repairs before the occupancy inspection on Tuesday. I found out today I can fit my hand all the way in a garbage disposal. Yay. Wonder if I can put that on a resume? I also learned all about my air handling system and the plumbing in my bathroom. It was quite an evening.

If I play my cards right, I get to install a new garbage disposal tomorrow and evict some birds out of my kitchen exhaust vent. That and make a space for the Uber-Fridge of Doom (tm) if at all possible.

And by the way, my mother kept calling it a six cylinder mower. Isn't she cute?