DLand - Supermodel vs. Supermonkey

Yes, I locked my diary last night. Yes, it was irrational. I was being weird. Sue me. So enough of me being a weirdo ... This is a No Weird Zone (tm). There's this gal that we might hire. Maybe. If we can afford her. And the moons are aligned. Just part time for now. But having the extra help would make me Extremely Happy.

Dan has the hots for her, I think. He said he wants to hire more babes to work here (yes, apparently I am chopped monkey liver). But how can I compete with the supermodel of interlibrary loan? So Bossman and I are talking about it and how she could work part time and that she might like to work flexible hours. She has a fairly young baby (that makes her a babe with a babe, I suppose) so the schedule would be good for her. And she could work from home.

Bossman says he could fly her out for a week and I could train her. I said she might not want to be gone from her kid that long. He wondered how old a kid had to be before you could "put it in a box and leave it for a week." Ain't he great? So I was trying to explain that she's kind of a hippie woman so maybe she would not want to leave her spawn so soon or she might be breast feeding and all that crap (all that crap meant with the utmost respect for mother-infant bonding - I was just babbling at that point). He looked at me strangely.

Bossman: "Hippy?"

Me: "I dunno. Maybe she wants to snuggle her baby all the time or something."

Bossman: "OH! Hippie!"

Me: "No, I was not talking about her body. I was talking about the fact she may have named her kid Moonbeam. She doesn't even work here yet and you're already sexually harassing her."

Bossman: "I was wondering what flying out here had to do with her hips. I must have been talking to Dan too much today."

Me: "Well, she is the supermodel of interlibrary loan."