DLand - Freckle Girl

What an absolutely gorgeous day. There has to be something therapeutic about riding around in a convertible on a day like this. Bossman asked what sounded good and far away for lunch. We thought about driving to Busch Gardens, but thought better of it and opted for Lynhaven's Olive Garden instead. He took the back way and I just sat back and listened to the radio and hung my arm out the side of the car in the wind and soaked up the vitamin D. Best lunch ever. I think I have about 100 new freckles just from this little adventure. And I'm a lot more rosey than I was this morning. I managed to not pink up too much, though. Bossman said I either need to go out in the sun a lot more or never again. I don't tan - I freckle.

So the world is going okay. Far from perfect, but still pretty okay. I think I'll go stick my feet in the sand this evening on my beach.