DLand - Bibliophile and a Pack Rat

I'm such a dork. I ordered these books from Amazon and was seduced by the cheap shipping offer. So I said, "I'm a patient person. This will be fine." Know thyself, Genie. I'm pretty patient when it comes to some things but other things I have to have yesterday. So I resisted and resisted and finally broke down yesterday and bought them at Barnes & Nobles in the flesh ... or pulp ... or print ... or ... whatever. I even stood in a fairly long line for them. And of course, they arrive today. But dangit, I got to read them last night! I reiterate, I'm such a dork. But now I'm a dork with two copies of several books. Go me. Yes, I know I could return them to B&N, but I think I'll just squirrel them away as gifts. Share the love, share the dorkiness.