DLand - Brought to You by the Letters F .. E ... H

Welcome to GenieAlisa's page. The word for the day is "feh". I'm not sure if there is a better word. What do you say when you're angry and lonely and sad and confused and hurt and disappointed and mad as hell and not going to take it anymore (not necessarily in that order or even about the same topic)? Hmm. I guess, I just sigh and say "feh." I suppose a mundane update is in order. Woke up and looked at the clock. It said 10:00 on the dot. I realized that meant it was actually 11:00. I also realized that I had slept for a good 11 hours. Go me. About five minutes after that, my cell phone gave it's distinctive pidgeon ring saying that Jeremy was checking in on me. I dragged my butt out of bed and he came over about 30 minutes later. We attempted to go kite flying but the wind didn't cooperate. He left for a meeting with his car dudes and I headed home to putter. Sarah and I took a shower together and her coat is looking a lot better for it. My "coat" is looking moderately okay because of it.

Went out and bought some music. Pink, Jimmy Eat World, Mavericks, George Carlin and Chris Isaak to be specific. Headed back to the house to do the taxes. We owed some on federal but had a small refund for state taxes. Talked to Daddy for a bit (he was fixing the siding on the house). Went to office to pick up some papers. Stopped at 7-11 for ... you know ... stuff ... Headed back to the apartment to putter. Painted my toes and fingernails (Revlon calls the color "Love Her Madly", but I would just call it dark red). Yep. Got a lot done today.

Talked on the phone for hours with various folks. All in all not so bad of a day. But still just feeling blah. I'm always the girl with a plan. And when I don't necessarily have a plan or all the answers, life starts to get kinda crazy for me. Gah.

But I'm still hanging in there. There's still a spark in me.