DLand - My Hot Date

I went on a date last night. Jeremy and I didn't really discuss whether seeing other people during the separation would be okay but he didn't seem to mind when I told him about it today. It wasn't much of a date since we didn't go out. I just drove over to his place and we watched movies and cuddled on the couch. We talked about songs he likes and he seemed really interested in my insulin pump and belly ring. We seem to have a lot of common interests too. There was even a tickle fight! He's shorter than me, which is something I don't find that attractive in men, but he's really athletic - a wrestler, and basketball player and hockey fan. And I don't normally go out with younger men, but he was really mature for his age.

We had to cut the date short at around 9 as he had to go to bed (he gets up early). But I did get a goodnight kiss (*giggle*). I really like this guy and hope I can see him again soon. We'll see if his Mom and Dad will let us have a second date soon.