DLand - I Betcha They Won't Play This Entry on the Radio ...

I have a horrible vocabulary of incredibly vulgar terms which I use with great frequency. I became aware of it the more time I spend around clients, children and my parents. I catch myself wanting to use some terminology that really would make a sailor blush. I pay more attention to radio deejays trying to come up with suitable substitutions for my current explitives. But, damn, those sound dumb. I've been saying "stuff" a lot and "whatever" instead of "all this shit" and "fuckin' A". It's really all a matter of what you're used to. They say that someone who curses just doesn't have good vocabulary. They don't know what insipid means so they just say dumbass. They can't say lascivious (let alone spell it) so they just say how fucking hot someone looks. But it's not like you can look up "feh" or "well, fuck me" in dictionary.com and get an entry for ennui or malcontent. So I have to work hard to build a good vocabulary of curse word replacements. Maybe they should actually teach a class on that in the military.

My father hates it when women use the word "shit." He thinks it's just a abhoration to modern society. They may as well just be flashing their asses on the street if they are going to lower themselves to such vulgarity. But it's just that word that gets him all worked up. And I seem to use it like a comma.

These taboo words have become common place, I suppose. But I take great pride now in being able to convey the same level of disgust or displeasure or excitement with words that all could be used on television or radio. I'll let you know how it goes. But I hit my head on the car door this afternoon and based on came out of my mouth, I don't think I'll be singing in the church choir anytime soon.

In other news, Bossman is off to Atlantic City this afternoon. It should be a good evening. They called to make reservations and the front desk actually forwarded his call to his personal host at her house. That is service for you. He is a very "valued customer", it would seem. Also, the Venetian in Vegas has slackened the requirements for accruing points there. This means I reeeeeeeeally need to go there and get me some more credits. I need to stay there for $99 for two nights. I need to throw money in the street. Need it. Perhaps a company "retreat" is in order soon. Ah, yes. I feel the pull of the sandy deserts of Nevada.