DLand - Must .. Stay .. Connected ...

I crawled around in the ceiling again yesterday at work. Ooo Ooo Eeee! Bossman and Dan said repeatedly that whatever I did up there was not covered by workman's comp. They made several official protests that I not crawl up there to get the boxes that we needed. And the fact I can still type today is proof that I didn't fall through the ceiling and break my arms. That or I started typing this post last night and have painfully pecked out every letter with a paper cone strapped to my forehead. Picked up the Mac from Bossman's last night. In my copious spare time (hehe) I am going to make marvelous movies with it. Mac's are appliances more than computers, but occasionally they are cool appliances. I love my new fridge. I can't upgrade the processor in it either, but it still has lots of neat features.

I'm installing (well, having installed) cable at the apartment. Mostly for the internet access, but also for the television. This phone modem internet connection is giving me hives. I don't know how I ever did it before. But I must have internet access at all times. Resistance is futile. You will be connected. I feel like I should have coax cables coming out of my arms and RJ45 jacks at the base of my neck. Although, I suppose the real deal would be for me to have wireless connections installed under my skin.

I really have become spoiled by the things I have here in Tidewater versus the mountains of Blacksburg. I can go to multiple electronics stores within a few miles of each other. Dan was complaining that he has to go to Roanoke - a 45 minute drive - to get to a store that sells a cable modem. We suggested Radio Shack in Blacksburg but that brought on a whole rant from him. He said that if he were poisoned and Radio Shack sold the antidote, he would not set foot in that store but take his chances with death. Mostly because Radio Shack would ask for his zip code and telephone number before they would sell it to him or even speak to him. He also complained that they are a computer store yet fill out paper sales tickets. It's insane, I tell you. No aging football icon or Lois Lane actress can change those things and suddenly make an incredibly crappy store hip and modern.

Well, I'm off to my house to check on the mutt and black goddess and then to get back to work. My paper cone is starting to bend so I should quit while I'm ahead. Have a good evening, y'all.