DLand - Three Funny Things From Today

1) We have a box of Lindt chocolates on the conference table. It's been there all this week and we've been snacking on it. As the week has progressed, the conference table has been filling up with more laptops and software boxes and paperwork. At some point today, Bossman thought it would be a good idea to put the laptop on top of the box of chocolates. Two hours later, I have a hankering for a chocolate and unearth the box. Wow, don't put laptops on top of boxes of chocolate if the laptop is still running. We have a box of gourmet chocolate slime.

2) So I was brave and wasn't going to let the heat keep me from my chocolate morsel. So I pulled (extracted) one out of the box. I'm licking all the chocolate off of my fingers when I realized I'm a dumb ass.

You see, Bactine is not only an antiseptic, but an anesthetic. And when you have any on your fingers and then suck the chocolate off of them, you can no longer feel your lips. It was like an alcohol buzz but with better motor skills. It was about 30 minutes before the tip of my tongue didn't feel "funny".

3) We've had a guy in our office this week, Ben who's been observing me and learning from me. He's from our partner company and hopes to help me out in my service duties. He's been doing a lot of learning by example.

I get off the phone with one of our sites and Bossman asks what their deal is. I explain that they're going live tomorrow and have some last minute web page changes that I can do for them but it will take a little while.

Me: "I can do it for them easily, but it's not something I can just whip out in like 10 minutes. It might take me an hour."

Bossman: "Well, whip it out in front of Ben so he can see too."

Me: blink ... blink

Bossman: "Wow. I'm going to go in my office now and shut the door. Don't listen to me."