DLand - Business Casual

Overalls are the sideless surcoat of the modern age. They've got that whole gates of hell thing going on with breasts pushing out denim to reveal the tummy underneath. I noticed this as I was dancing around in the hallway of my office to slow country music. Can you tell the boss has gone to Vegas for the weekend? It's been a looooong day. I have a new phone headset at work so I'm all mobile. I'm like the Time Life operator around here only much more sarcastic. But it's pretty awesome to hook my receiver in the pocket watch of my bibs and lay on the loveseat in front of the fishtank solving the world's computer problems, one phone call at a time.

My boss loves me. In addition to my new phone toy, I have new plush carpet in my office and paper moon colored walls and clearance to buy myself a new leather chair. I'm so pleased. Sure I was here til 9 the other night painting my own walls, but I'm getting a leather recliner. The scent of my office alone will be enough of a job perk.

His comment was that if we spend this much time here, we should at least be comfortable. If we get the office next door, pinball games and air hockey tables will be in the works. Booyeah. Sure, I live here. But it's a good life.

But it's almost dark and time for me to head home. Work will have to wait til later tonight. It's time for dinner and some time to myself.