DLand - So How Was New Orleans?

Hours spent in New Orleans this weekend: 67Hours spent in Harrah's Casino this weekend: ~24 Hours spent in the French Quarter: 0 Hours I slept last night: 3 Dollars won at video poker because not in bed: $200 Dollars lost at the craps table because not in bed: $100

So Thursday, I'm at Best Buy picking up some music during lunch. I open my wallet to hand the cashier my debit card and realized that I didn't have my driver's license. My first thought.

"Fuck. Must use another credit card."

All of my debit cards have "Ask for photo id" written on the back. And wouldn't that have been embarrassing for the one time the cashier actually asks for it, I can't produce. So I quickly switched cards. My second thought.

"Fuck! How am I going to get into Harrah's tomorrow?!"

No, not "How am I going to get on a plane in the airport" or "Should I really be driving around today with no driver's license". It was all about Harrah's. I have my priorities straight, as you can see. Needless to say, I had left it in the back seat of my car when I had gone to the credit union to stock my bankroll for the weekend. We were reunited that afternoon and I obviously got on the plane and went to my conference and my casino.

We ate beignets. Mmm, fried dough. That and Harrah's and the gumbo are about all that I need from New Orleans. It's really not a town that calls to me. I would take Las Vegas over it any day. But I did have a pretty good time and winning in the casino didn't hurt that overall assessment at all.

Too tired to update much more than that. But if you need some help with video poker or craps strategy, let me know.