DLand - Disjointed Blah Day

The bowl of Fruitty Pebbles I just ate has got to be the highlight of my last 24 hours. Last night I dyed my hair. Upon rinsing the dye out and drying my hair, I found that I had dyed my hair the exact same color it was. It was supposed to make red highlights and apparently it made brown highlights. The consolation being that if anyone asks me what color my hair is now I can safely answer Loreal #30 Chestnut Reddish Brown. Stupid hair dye.

Today was a grueling day at work. There were several moments when I just wanted to hang up the phone and go take a nap. Our fish still need fish food in the lobby. Nothing seemed to be easy going today. Well, that's not true. My lunch was superb (hot wings and half a cheese steak I split with Bossman). So far, food has been the upswings of my day.

My uncle/realtor called to tell us they rejected our offer on the house we wanted. I say after making two mortgage payments for a few months they'll change their tune. They wanted entirely too much and if someone is willing to pay that then let them throw their money in the street. Bah to them.

It took me about 18 tries to load the new roll of paper we bought for the color printer. When I finally loaded it I made several Charles Atlas poses over the printer to prove my domination over the simple machine. Bossman shook his head, laughed and pushed me.