DLand - Strawberry Willy with Wet Nuts

My coworkers, Dan and Russ came into town today. Dan flew them in from across state so that turned a five hour car trip into a one and a half hour flight. Pretty miraculous, all in all. We all went out for lunch today at Doumar's. The sandwiches are small (and cheap) so we always order two things a piece there. After dinner we picked out some dessert. Doumar's is, of course, famous for their cones, but we opted for shakes and sundaes. Nobody told Russ that you have to pay 10 cents extra to get your shake thin enough to use a straw so he ended up spooning most of his down. Dan dared me to order a Strawberry Willy with wet nuts but I couldn't do it. I could even say it without snickering uncontrollably.

Did a whole lot of nothing this weekend and that was just what I needed. Rich came over on Saturday to retrieve Connor and we power-futzed. It rocked. Sunday was spent doing a small bit of shopping. I bought a cd because it had two songs on it I wanted but since it was also labelled \"Christmas with the Gentlemen of Country Music\" we also got some songs I could have done without. The best/worst was God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Roy Clark (that guy from HeeHaw who smiles all the time). A better title would have been Santa Went Down to Georgia. It was the single reason why people hate country music. I could barely listen to it except it was so amazingly cheesey. I kept expecting the three wise men to pop up out of a corn field.