DLand - Sounds of the Season

Me (coming in the house from work): "Hello Sweetpea! Hello Casey. Yes hello Sarah. Hello Connor. I know it's hard being the shortest dog. Don't get many pettings. Hello again, Sarah. Ok, now go away doggies." Sweetpea (from computer room): "Hello Sweetie! How was your day?" Sounds of horrific gunfire and Aliens dying come from his general direction.

Me (in computer room): "Well, it was pretty good. We went shopping at lunch and .... Sugar? Sweetie? Ooh, that was gross."

AVP2 Game: "Bweedeep...Bweedeep...Bweeedeep....AUGH!!!!!"

Me (dazed but still determined to talk about my day): "So anyways, we've bought all of Marilee's stuff and ... Honey? Did you hear your commander? She said the Aliens are in the ceiling. Isn't that where your little marine guy is? Honey? Are you sure your motion tracker is workEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OH MY GOD! RUN! RUN! HE'S GONNA GET YOU! AAAAUUGGGHHHH!"

Sweetpea: "Why don't I turn this off before you have a heart attack and we can talk about your day in the living room?"

Me (with hands over face): "Good idea."

Every year it's the same. Bossman has it hard in December. He must buy gifts for Mrs. Bossman's birthday (Dec. 14), their anniversary (Dec. 21) and Christmas (duh). And, as she should, she gets grumpy if she gets any combination gifts. So yesterday we bought the last of the December gifts. That's what I do at work during the holiday season. Monday I was the hand model at the jewelry store. I must have had $5000 worth of bling bling on my hands at one point. I think we picked out a good one but we'll have to wait to see if she likes it.

Yesterday we trekked to the sewing store looking at sewing machines and stuff. The woman in the store kept showing me all the features and Bossman just wandered around the store (he's there to pay for it - I'm there to pick out the good one). The fruitbat sales woman kept commenting on what a patient husband he was. How he would let me pick out whatever I wanted. I just smiled and Bossman just scowled. She eventually asked how long we had been married and we both resisted the temptation to tell her 23 years. We declared that we were not married and I was simply performing my duty as a craft consultant. Yep, every year it's the same.