DLand - Connor - Curious Scottie

Stop the presses, Genie has a day off! I will not have to be at work tomorrow. I know, it's hard to believe. And I don't even have any cosmic plans. Sure I took Friday off before we went up for Crusades, but that was more like work that didn't involve computers. This is a day off where all I have to do is sit around in my pajamas and watch the day pass. I think I'll watch all my episodes of Samurai Jack that I have on the Tivo. Perhaps I will paint my toe nails. Woohoo! I am working Friday, but I can't imagine many librarians calling with crises on the day after Thanksgiving. The plan that day is to take the phone system down and upgrade it. So then when (not if) I break it, I'll have all weekend to get it going again before people start calling.

This past weekend was extremely pleasant. I had no real reason to go to the event we attended other than to hang out with my friends and wait for it to be over so we could watch the Harry Potter movie. But I did pick up some garter buckles from Ross and talked to a really cool gal who also has an insulin pump like me. She reminded me alot of myself at her age (11 I think). I then lost my brain and literally threw my blood glucose meter in the street. I left it in the parking lot while we were packing. Fate has a funny way, though, because I ended up buying a new meter the next day that I actually like better that was only $15. And of all the things to leave in the street, the $50 meter that was full of contact information was better than the $500 cell phone or the $500 PDA or the $500 digital camera. I need to not carry so many gadgets with me. That and I repacked the wagon three times looking for it, so I knew where everything was in the car for the rest of the day (except the meter, of course). I had a detailed map of the Escort in my head.

We also did our duty to keep the economy going by buying even more Harry Potter CCG cards. I am only missing the unicorn in the original set, but the bastards have now released the Quiditch booster set. Damn them. I realized the other evening that we probably eat out too much when I got the debit slip from the cashier at the comic shop and tried to calculate a tip to the bill. I'm sure the comic guy was very good to us, but I don't think he needs 15-20% for his efforts.

After our weekend of fun, Rich and Gabrielle's little Scottie, Connor, came home with us to camp GenieAlisa for Thanksgiving. We're cheaper than the kennel for sure and have almost as many dogs as they do. He's been like having a puppy around (only without all the chewing of shoes and accidents and such). I asked Sweetpea yesterday, \"Are you sure this dog is 7 years old?\". Crazy mutt. Jeremy bought him a stuffed ball with a squeeky thing in it and let me tell you that thing was the cat's meow for him. The damn thing was as big as his head but he didn't seem to mind. At 11 last night Jeremy literally had to hide it from him and remind the little guy that it was bed time. I really believe Connor thinks this is one giant slumber party. He's going to order pizza at 1am I'm sure.