DLand - Eight Miles

I've been avoiding Diaryland for several days. Oh, I've been an avid reader. But my life this past week has basically been focused on how much it hurts to pee. I was in bladder infection denial, but I've come around to it. And I had interesting things to share all these days, trust me. But it's hard to be cute and witty when your crotch is on fire. So I finally went to the doctor. I hate seeing doctors. You always have to go during the work day and all I can do is sit in the waiting room reading Parenting and Weight Watchers magazines and thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing than watching All My Children. Why do I sit in the waiting room for an hour to see a doctor for ten minutes?

I peed in a cup and told the nice Scottish nurse lady all about my insulin pump and the doc gave me antibiotics to take for ten days. He said they're good for bladder or kidney infections and anthrax. They actually had a poster in the waiting room warning folks not to ask for antibiotics unless they had a real reason because it wouldn't prevent them from getting anthrax. Who would have thought you would see that in your waiting room ten years ago?

Ah, so other than this week being full of pain, we've also been house shopping. We're working on an offer for one house and I was talking to my mother about it last night.

Mom: "Well, I'll go trace the plat for you downtown tomorrow so you can see the lot size. I looked at it outside earlier this week."

Me: "Thanks, I know I can't make it downtown during the day. Jack should have some information tomorrow after talking to the listing realtor."

Mom: "Yes, I like the house outside. The only thing I hate about it is it's 8 miles from our house." (We live 4 miles away right now).

Me: "That's very close, Mom. You're losing perspective. It takes 10 minutes to get to your house. We used to live 5 hours away."

Mom: "Well, what about when you have babies? How will I see them?"

Me: "I won't make them walk the eight miles to your house. When you can't drive anymore, I will even come pick you up and bring you to your grandbabies."

Mom: "I don't know. I just wish you would live closer."

Me: "Yes, Mom, I know. But I'm right by CostCo and you go there all the time. You can stop by on the way home and put stuff in our freezer."

Mom: "Ooh, that's true. I might do that."

The only other thing of note recently is I talked to a woman on the phone today with the last name Butynski. Pronounced Butt-In-Skee. Tee hee hee.