DLand - One Item or Less Lane

Hmm, I wrote this whole entry on what we did this weekend but it summed up to be hanging out with friends which was awesome, having a few minor arguments which was not so awesome and trying to find our dogs after they ran away which totally sucked. Yep, that pretty much sums up the weekend. You'll be happy to know that our arguments were petty and have been resolved, the dogs were found (yah to dog collars with phone numbers) and the groomer's appointment is set for Wednesday since they both ran away through the creek next to our neighborhood. When I complained about their stink last week, I didn't know how good I had it. Nasty, nasty dogs. The weekend was spent trying to stay out of the cold for the most part. We went to the mall and a fabric store and Wal-Mart where I bought exactly three things. That store should have a \"fits in one hand\" lane. Vlad always said it should have a one item or less lane but the lowest denominator there is 12, unfortunately. It was ridiculous. I would boycott that store as well, but I've boycotted K-Mart and Waffle House already so I don't want to spread myself too thin on boycotting vendors. I'll be stuck buying my shampoo and grits from Mel's Hardware down the street since they're the only store that doesn't make me mad.

Speaking of irrational emotions, I've been trying to not get all grumpy when I die in Ultima Online. I took it pretty well yesterday when a tribal mage took a cheap shot at me and wasted me. I could have taken him too, but I was busy looting other tribal bodies. The real kicker is when they turn around and kill Llois, my ridable llama. They've finally made the game so that fourteen year old boys can't kill me, and now I just get upset when non-player characters hurt me. The game is just too realistic and I have a hard time not getting all worked up about it. I also get really attached to my steeds and pets. Stupid mages. I'm all tough until something magical comes along and then my no magic resisting butt runs off screaming like a crazed lunatic \"Aah! Get 'em off me!\". I'm not very competitive, just emotional about having my corpse looted while I watch from my ghostly view. Stupid undead.