DLand - Short Term Versus Long Term Goals

Forget this ambrosia nonsense, toasted Thomas' english muffins are the real food of the gods. I've been having one for breakfast every morning at the office and it just really puts a cheery tint to my whole day. In other news, I have to pay full price for my birth control pills now. My new insurance does not cover what the old one did (even though they're both Trigon plans - mine is not to question why). So the next plan is to just have six kids and let Trigon pay for that instead.

I see birth control pills as preventative medicine, but most health insurance companies don't see it the way I do. They also won't pay for the medical supplies I use to keep my blood sugar under control (blood glucose meters, strips, etc.) but would happily pay for my kidney replacement, dialysis and amputations thirty years from now if I didn't buy these silly diabetes management tools. Bah and double bah!

So now that I'm paying $27.68 per month for pills instead of my $10 copay, I told Sweetpea that we need to be having a lot more sex now to get our money's worth. 177% more sex, in fact. He admitted that it would be tough to fit that into his hectic schedule but he's willing to make these sacrifices for my health and the economy. What a guy.