DLand - Gotta Lay Off the Pho Before Bedtime

Well, I think the next time I'm feeling down I'm just going to report it to all you kind folks in Dland. Because yesterday just took a swing towards the up and up. Did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen (never did wash a dog - oh well). And the house looks a lot more homey now. Jeremy and I went to this fabulous Vietnamese place called Saigon One last night. I will never understand Asian restaurants and their fascination with the number one. But we had some good pho and some soft rolls dipped in fish sauce and peanut sauce. Yum. I felt really immature, though, becuase the fish sauce smelled ... well, fishy. But it didn't taste fishy! So I just kept dipping my finger in it and licking it and then smelling my fingers. Grin and repeat. My husband thought I had lost my mind. I didn't feel bad, though, because it took him 40 days to order from the menu and only after I berated him and the nice lady came back three times with suggestions. Just close your eyes and pick one, sweet.

Feeling good despite the weird nightmare about sharks last night. Don't sleep in a waterbed if you're dreaming about sharks. Bad idea. I think the \"shark\" was actually the cat attacking my foot but in my dream it was one mean mofo shark and I was laying the smack down on it and trying not to drown. Woke up about 5:17am when me and Sharkie's briney brawl was a draw and decided to put a concerted effort into dreaming about something on land.

Jeremy's beautiful milanese gauntlets came today, delivered by our superhumanly cute Airborne Express guy. The Airborne Express guy's cuteness is probably the most dangerous biological substance that will be delivered to our office. He's definitely my favorite delivery dude. And the gauntlets are superb. Jeremy came over just to try them on during lunch. The right one is a little tight in the cuff but he thinks it will be okay. I got some Charles Atlas poses out of him with his gauntlets on. Very cute. Cuter, even, than the Airborne Express guy (if you could imagine).

I'm also taking this opportunity for some service announcements. Those of you with DiaryLand accounts (and you know who you are) should sign up for a gold membership. It's cheap and it helps out Andrew - who is the mac daddy of Dland. You pay way more for cable and that's mostly garbage. Besides the stats are more specific than the ones you can get from sitemeter.

Also, you all should check out Quoted if you don't already. Catching up on that site last night left me giggling while I was trying to go to sleep. It's encouraging to know that there are witty, intelligent, amazing people out there and all you have to do is read them. So take this information as you please. But that's my two cents worth as the case may be.