DLand - What Month Is It? July?!

I felt like Charlton Heston this afternoon, expecting to see the top of the Statue of Liberty somewhere in the Chesapeake Bay. This is obviously not planet earth I'm standing on or at least not in the 21st century. Because on Earth, it's not 85 degrees F at the end of October! And on my home planet, they don't put up Christmas trees in the mall parking lots in October. Perhaps this wave of patriotism has put everyone in the holiday spirit. But I just find it really unnatural to look at a 30 foot tall electric green Christmas tree from my car when my air conditioning is on. Been in a slight funk lately, so this entry may be funkadelic. Can't explain the funk other than my house smells like dog and I haven't made a groomer appointment for them yet. It's nice enough outside, I could probably wash them myselves but I've grown to like taking them away dirty and picking them up clean. The groomer ladies love our dogs anyways. I think they would be hurt if they couldn't wash them every few weeks.

This funk may also be from feeling antsy about stuff. I just want it to be tomorrow so that the day after that would hurry up and get here. So that I can spend that day waiting for the day after that. Not really sure what I'm waiting for. Maybe the day we find a dream house. Maybe the day we've saved up the money to buy the big beautiful truck of our dreams. Maybe the day when I come home and my house doesn't smell like dog. I'll let y'all know when I get there.

Bossman had never heard of stretch pants. You know, those knit pants with the stirrups on the bottoms? Now, granted, they're not the latest fashion trend and I usually only wear the one pair I own on days when I wake up and seriously consider wearing sweatpants to work. I find these stretch pants a suitable substitute. But he had never heard of them. His excuse was that guys don't wear them, ergo, they have no reason to know what they are. I said most guys don't wear bras and they've certainly heard of those but he discounted that as faulty logic. Bah. What did you and your boss talk about this morning?

Other than that, it's been a hum drum day at the daily grind. I'm hoping to get some laundry done (to renew Sweetpea's faith in the Undie Fairy) and clean the kitchen. Maybe I'll clean my way out of this funk.