Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me

My brother once lamented to me that he was going to work so that he could rest up for the stuff he did on the weekends. I'm ready for a relaxing week of sitting in front of a computer compared to how this weekend went. Yesterday we helped move my father-in-law into his apartment. He's only about two miles from the house (his former residence) and has a pretty nice pad. The move would not have been as bad had the emotional turmoil not been as intense as well. But he's doing okay for now and things look for the better. His outpatient program involves meetings every weeknight (with a breath test at the beginning of each) and a lot of structure. It's only been a week, but so far, so good. With hope, he will get better soon and be able to go home.

Well, the afternoon was supposed to be spent at Hallow-Scream at Busch Gardens. They dress the park up all spooky in October and it's pretty fun. Well, we couldn't get anywhere near the entrance. By 2:30 the park was completely full and they were turning people away from the parking lots. I've never seen it that full in my life. The woman at the front gate couldn't understand it, but then we find out that they had opened the park up to all police, rescue, and fire fighters as well as active duty military and their families for free. How far is Williamsburg from Naval bases? I just can't imagine why it would be so packed.

Well, we punted and went back to Jeremy's mom's house. We made dinner there (shrimp and chicken in garlic sauce over fettucine - yum) and I drove home. We got home around 9pm but it felt like midnight.

Ironically, Sweetpea was just talking about how I act differently depending on my blood sugar levels (the diabetes and all). Well, when I walked in the house I realized I had blood sugar that was really low. Like sit down before I fall down low. Like I can't get the top off the milk carton can you help me Sweetie low. So much like a wolf I crammed as much food as I possibly could in my stomach as quickly as possible. I think I ate four bowls of Lucky Charms in under 10 minutes. I thought I was going to die. I just sat on the sofa and moaned. Marshmallow overdose! I managed to roll myself to bed and only realized this morning that I did that by undressing as I went from the sofa to the bed. My pants were on the chair and my socks were in the hall. It was a mess.

This morning I headed off to my parents to diagnose what was wrong with Mom's computer. Apparently, rebooting last night had fixed it, though, so my services were not needed. I chatted for a bit and was about to go when Dad asked for help setting up the his pressure washer. It was supposed to take ten minutes but you know how that stuff goes. I am now a pressure washer expert. Our family is the proud owner of a 3500 psi pressure washer with detergent attachments and pressure regulators. And amazingly Dad only found two things on the washer that need re-engineering. I couldn't convince him to leave the detergent hose alone but we both agree that it needs a stop valve to keep you from starting it without the water hose running. So I left my father in the back yard grinning like a kid and spraying anything with dirt on it to test out the new washer. It only took an hour to set up, but it was cool to play with.

Lunch was at Bossman's for barbequed chicken and too much candy. I again ate like it would be my last meal and have the tummy to prove it. I don't think I will eat again until Wednesday. The slightest whiff of food just turns me off. We also goobed about Mrs. Bossman's embroidery machine. I need me one of those. Must remember to ask Theo about hers and what kind of stuff it does. Tried to convince Bossman to buy one for the company as a marketing tool but I don't think he bought it. Ah well, it was worth a try.

After our little party it was a whirlwind trip by the Sunglass Hut for Jeremy to check into getting his really expensive sunglasses repaired. Oh and to buy an automatic card shuffler (don't forget to read the previous entry today). The dorky guy at the gaming store told me about ten times what a beautiful name I have and said I had good taste in comics. I smiled and thanked him for pronouncing Genevieve correctly. Oh and I bought you a toy, Colin. It has Captain America on it - duh - and it was on sale for $1.

Now it's home and I feel like a big slug. We have barely been home this weekend and I'm looking forward to just sitting here staring at the walls and resting for a bit. Overall, a good weekend, but I'm just pooped. My mother sings a little tune that goes "Lucky, lucky, lucky me. I'm a lucky son-of-a-gun. I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours, that leaves eight hours for fun!" I'm all funned out right now.