DLand - Ah, your Tech Support is Strong!

I came home today and Sweetpea and I sat across from each other in the living room, competing over who talked to stupider people today. I think he won with the stinky woman who can't remember her hotmail password from day to day but wants to get in a chatroom more than life itself. It seems no matter who his clientele is (whether it be fourth graders or random public library patrons) he is always stuck with the smelly ones. And then he comes home stinking like smelly stupid people. Ugh. I just had Mr. Fuckhead to deal with. See in the tech support world there are two important qualities in the customer. Intelligence and niceness. Usually you only get one or the other. I'm happy with those odds. I'll happily talk to someone who can't use a mouse if they're nice about it. And I can tolerate an ass if he at least knows what he's talking about. My wildest dream is a smart person who is pleasant to talk to. I'll do anything for those people.

Bossman: "But that's not part of their contract. We shouldn't do that for them."

Me: "But did you hear him? He was halfway intelligent and nice! I can't turn him away! Positive reinforcement! Carrot - not stick."

But every once in a while I get to talk to someone who is both an idiot and rude about it. This is when I want to swallow my mouse ball and end my misery. Usually the stupid rude ones are someone in Systems or other tech support position. I don't know if they can't believe a wussy girl like me could actually know more than they. Perhaps living with their head up their ass has put them in a bad mood. But I get to talk to them.

I was almost physically shaking during one of these phone calls today. Must ... control ... fist of death. I have to remember to push the receiver before I slam the phone down count to 2 (to be sure I've really hung up) before I bark "Fuckhead! God what a fucking fuckhead!" and stomp around the room.

After my sweet and I talked about our days we headed off to see Iron Monkey. Jeremy described it as a Kung Fu Robin Hood. It was very good actually. One of the best parts was the credits. Bo Bo Ng was in this movie as was Do Man Dick. Tee hee hee, I just couldn't help myself. It's probably out of the theatres now, but you should rent it. It was a hoot. They actually said in the movie "Ah, your Kung Fu is strong." I thought I was going to die.

On a completely different note, I thought of something funny from Crusades (it was the ninjas and the cursing that brought it to mind). We're standing around the cabin Saturday night and someone made a comment that they had never heard Pavla say the F word. Someone else commented in agreement. About this time, Pavla is desperately trying to take off her wool overtunic and gets stuck about half way. Picture Pavla bent over with a bright red tunic wrapped around her head and her arms sticking straight out hopping up and down. I believe Andrew helped her out. Someone else said how they should have taken the opportunity to tickle her instead.

Me: "Betcha that would have made her say F#ck!"

All: "F#ckin' A! You are so f#ckin' dead when I get the f#ck out of this tunic I'm gonna f#ckin' %$#@^&*!!@#" (degenerates into several of us impersonating an Andrew Dice Clay version of Pavla)

Colin (walking in looking very puzzled): "Why is everyone laughing at my wife and saying the F word?"