DLand - S-M-R-T

It's official. I am the proud wife of a full time employee. Sweetpea will have benefits and a fairly normal schedule. It's fabulous. I'm so proud. He's going to be the technical outreach specialist for one of the public libraries which basically translates to teaching Word and Excel to librarians. An exercise in tedium, if you ask me (you know the people who can't use a mouse and can't double click). But if he could teach E.D. fourth graders, he can handle a few librarians. He starts Monday (in system transfer so no two weeks crap) and I'm just tickled pink. That or I'm flushed becuase it's so warm in here. My job continues to roll along. Bossman bought a Homer Simpson Dot Pal the other day. He's kinda nifty. He moves his little doll head and body and his little USB cable makes him talk and joke when you do actions on the computer. This would be all much less funny if he were in my office on my computer but he's pretty bearable in the other room. It's funny how sometimes his random comments are so fitting. "I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T. I mean, S-M-A-R-T."

I got a haircut the other day and waffle between liking it and hating it. It's only hair and will grow out. Sweetpea seems tired of my constant nit-picking over every haircut while I continue to patronize discount salons. But I can't believe that a $75 haircut could really be that much better than a $15 haircut. Maybe one day I'll get one just to say I did. That or I'll at least find one person and stick with her and not whore myself and my hair out to anyone with an empty salon chair and a spare 20 minutes. It's been project land in our house lately. Too warm to work on Sweetpea's wool, but I'm going to have to force myself if it's going to be done by next weekend. So far all I have is a tunic body and a huge pile of wool on the chair. I think trying to sew while watching television has become too distracting for me and I need to just put in some mindless music and get all hard core about it.

Oh, and you all should be incredibly jealous of me because I have a new cell phone! It's a Sanyo and it plays songs when people call. So now my weekend will be spent hunting for the perfect midi song for those people in my call list. Things like \"You Can Call Me Al\" when Bossman's father calls. Too much fun. And all in 3.53 tiny littles ounces.