DLand - On a Scale of One to Ten It's Been ...

Could you take more really fabulous things and really horrible things and mix them up in three days? If you can then you've topped my past few days. Went to Gabrielle's to be all productive for Crusades. We set up our own little mini-sweatshop and got to stitching. Neither of us has been to this event before and neither of us trekked to the deserts of Pennsylvania in August so we're making the most of this small scale re-enactment war. Going to a war seems so surreal these days that I just focus on the pretty clothes I'm making and the nails and hooks my fabulously talented Sweetpea will be cranking out at his forge.

We got a reasonable amount done. My italian is re-boobified from it's poor fitting before. Unfortunately, it's one of those things where you cut an inch or two off of expensive fabric that is sewn into this gown that took you forever to put together and then stitch it back up and then reattach by hand the 52 lacings on the front to THEN find out if it fits better. Like Gabrielle said, if it doesn't fit, throw it in the street. So if you're some slightly smaller chested version of me, start cruisin' by my house this week because there my be a dark green velvet italian gown in the gutter. Or it might turn out okay and I'll be all babe-o-licious.

But other than that, got minimal of the main projects done. Bah. They must not be as important. I can check off staying up til 2am babbling about everything in my girl brain off the list. That one's taken care of for now (thanks G).

There was the bad news concerning Jeremy's parents. It's a soap opera that doesn't deserve going into here. But needless to say bad things happened and everyone is coping. Everyone is healthy and alive and just has a lot to sort through right now. I am only a satelite orbiting this problem and it muddles my brain. But in amongst all that we had an excellent dinner chez Sweetpea Mom (would that make her Sweetmom?). Surreal all around.

And Jeremy and I were having a hard time communicating last night. It was me. I felt like I was missing something that day and he would be able to change that. But if I don't know what's wrong, it's hard for him to don a toolbelt and fix it. It's all good, but I was a mope queen last night. That and the damn cat insisted on sleeping on my head and would not stand for relocation. Stupid snuggly wuggly fuzzball.

But today Jeremy calls and says that the head of the libraries here called him to be sure he applied for the technical support job, implying that he had a VERY good chance of getting it. I can't contain my excitement. No chickens have been pre-emptively counted, mind you. But this job would be full time with benefits and stability. I'll be floating on air. My own little tech support geek in the house!

So I'm going to spend the evening working on Sweetpea's wool houpelande and hosen. That way he'll have to work a lot harder to set himself on fire at the forge (wool is self-extinguishing). And he'll be the most handsome blacksmith on site.