DLand - Chanel No. 5? or Octane No. 89?

Ooh, what's the enchanting scent you're wearing? So I ran out of gas. It happens. Yes, I know it's bad for fuel injected engines to run them out of gas. Yes, I know that there's this neat little gadget called a gas guage (which works perfectly fine in my car). But it just happened.

So I'm about halfway between the gas station next to my office and the next gas station on the road when my engine starts to sputter. That's when I looked down at the gas guage. "That's right! I was supposed to get gas on my way home from work."

So then comes the great decision. Turn back or try to get to Texaco? Which would be a worse intersection to stall in? Hmm, decisions. Well, I plod ahead. I could spit on the Citgo when my car would go no further. Unfortunately, I was across the busy street from my mecca of petrol. Thankfully, Sweetpea saved the day. He was right behind me and pushed me out of the road only to drive me across the busy street to the Citgo.

Crazy Phillipino cashier woman greets me inside. She sold a lotto ticket to the cute guy in front of me and insisted that he called when he won. She only sold me a gas can for $3.99 and a dollar of gas. I was filling my little gas can when the cashier's voice comes over the speaker system to remind cute boy to come back when he won. I may stop by there after the lotto drawing too so I can be in the circle of good fortune.

So then Sweetpea drives me back to my car. Did I mention that we both really had to pee? I start to fill my tank but am obviously doing it wrong because Sweetpea takes the tank from me. Between the two of us and the gas can we put half of it in the parking lot some on the side of the car and some in the tank. I was laughing so hard it took all I had to not pee all over the pavement. So we got enough in the tank to get me across the street. Crazy Phillipino cashier was so nice to me earlier and chipper that I gave her back the gas can I bought to give to the next stupid sap who runs out of gas there. Hopefully, I won't see my own gas can again.

Somehow, this all seems kind of appropriate for my day. It's been one crazy thing after another today and all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh. It feels good - try it.