DLand - Words Not My Own

A distraught mother came to the Buddha and begged him to heal the dead child in her arms. He did not perform a miracle but told her, "Bring me a mustard seed from a house where no-one has died."

She returned without the seed, but with the realization that death was universal, and began to follow the path.

These words keep me mindful.

" ... in my own case, our Chinese brothers and sisters are destroying Tibetan rights and, in that way, more suffering and anxiety develop. But no matter how forceful this is, it cannot destroy the supreme source of my happiness, which is my calmness of mind. This is something an external enemy cannot destroy. Our country can be invaded, our possessions can be destroyed, our friends can be killed, but these are secondary for our mental happiness. The ultimate source of my mental happiness is my peace of mind. Nothing can destoy this except my own anger." - His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

These words give me solice.

"The parking lot is full of blood donors. I have never seen this many people before. People are willingly waiting in line for hours to donate." - radio announcer

These words give me hope