What a good weekend this was. Didn't do anything too stressful or exciting. Just had a really good time hanging out with Jerome and Tina. Jerome's truck is fabulous. It seats five. I'm all about wanting one. Today's funny story comes courtesy of my new found friend, Tina. Apparently, Tina and her daughter would stay up late at night and watch cheesy, scary movies like Chucky or Slumber Party Massacre. Well, one night they watched their scary movie and then went to bed. Later, Tina's daughter and her friend burst into Tina's room squealing and wailing about some Boogie Man in their room.

The girls: Eek, there's some man in our room! He keeps moaning! Let us sleep with you!

Tina: No way! Go back to bed - there's nobody in your room. Get a grip.

The girls: No! We can hear him! He keeps saying, "mrrr mrerorror. mrermrmu mrrrror"

Tina: What?

The girls: "mrrr mrerorror. mrermrmu mrrrror" We can hear him!

Somehow, they finally manage to fall back asleep later that night.

The next morning Tina's daughter found the "Boogie Man". It was a stuffed Eeyore doll that talked. Apparently he was under a pile of blankets and one of girls had rolled on him. So the Boogie Man was saying "I'm Eeyore. Have a happy day" in typical Eeyore fashion. The girls chased each other around the house all day yelling "He's gonna get you" and squeezing him so he'd say things like "Didn't think you would notice me."