DLand - the Buddy System

I just found the Buddy List in the members area of this crazy thing. I feel like such a technophobe for not scoping it out sooner. It finally hit me that instead of prowling around looking for diary updates (particularly now that half my regular reads are on vacation in the deserts of Pennsylvania), I can just scoot to my buddy list and find folks who've updated lately. So I had to update my "buddies" to make sure I got the required reading down. And I feel all dirty because my favorite diaries are no longer in alphabetical order. Having worked with librarians or had them as clients for many years now it's hard to resist the urge. But there's colin-g settled neatly in the S and T's. Oh, the humanity! But it's laziness, not lack of good education that motivates me. Have you tried adding a C favorite in the middle of all of those? You have to re-type or cut and paste them all! And good luck adding the Diary King himself - an A name and all! That was the last straw. So, it's just a jumbled mess of names now. Next I'll be adding names with no comments (incomplete bibliographic records). Some cataloger I'd make.

check out my lame-o profile if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Got a pixie haircut yesterday (not as short as my babe-o-licious sister-in-law, but shorter than before). So I've been tossing my head around all day like the star of a cheap shampoo commercial. I'm gonna wreck the car I keep checking the rear-view mirror so much. Saturns apparently are not designed with vanity in mind so I only have a vanity mirror on the passenger side. I still vividly remember driving to Pennsic many years ago with my boyfriend Steve and his friend Lee who was incredulous that Steve's Chevy van had no passenger vanity mirror in the visor. "I'm vain! I need a vanity mirror!", he cried.

Just as a note, Steve is the coolest guy in the world. Some lucky woman is gonna seek him out (he lives in Mass. now all you wacky New Englanders) and catch herself a prize. Had I not fallen hopelessly for Sweetpea you'd probably be hearing witty stories about another swell fella these days. One of the fabulous things Steve did for me was give me a pocket Swiss army knife (for my birthday I think). First of all, how cool is that to get a knife from your boyfriend?! And it's great because I use it ALL THE TIME. It's red and saucy and practical and sharp - just like me. I looked for a replacement for it once half-heartedly but they "don't make 'em like they used to". Mine has scissors (with a broken spring from much use) and a screw driver and file and little knife and toothpick and tweezers. I lost the toothpick but that's kinda icky anyways. So I keep using the Steve knife, in my purse, got it with me all the time. My little piece of Steve. What a great guy. I'm a card-carrying member of his fan club.

If he ever gets a Diaryland diary, he'll be on my buddy list too.