DLand - Mmm, Wet Dog Hair

It has been pouring buckets today. The cowpokes in my current read would say it's a real "turd floater." But I braved the rain to head to K-Mart all the same. Now I really hate Super K-Mart. Mostly because they rarely have what I want (ironic, for being such a big store) and the people there are very clueless. But I had a pretty positive experience there. They just installed those self-checkout lines. I rang up my own stuff, bagged it myself, swiped my card and was off like a prom dress. None of my bread was crushed. The cashier (moi) recognized all the produce without asking. And the bleach didn't get put in the same bag as food. Amazing.

I'm not sure if I should feel robbed by paying to not have any help there, but so far no help has been better than really crappy help. It was even sorta fun.

I also find it ironic that Mike and Sue's dog, Solo is named as such given his magnetic attraction to me. He's probably just lonely and confused as to why he's been abandoned (he's at Dog Camp at our house while they move). And he's had a good time playing with Sarah (my stupid mutt). But I think in some magical world he could pass as my familiar given his proximity to me or Jeremy at all times. It will just be our little secret, Solo, how I let you sleep in the bed with me. But quit hogging the covers.