DLand - Conversations with Isis

I bought a box of King Vitaman the other day in the store because it reminded me of Keilyn. I was wandering down the cereal aisle and saw this box and had an instant flashback. I think it was a Thanksgiving we were at and she was talking about running away from home. So her parents helped her and her siblings pack and they took a fresh box of King Vitamin with them for rations. There was some rule about how Keilyn wasn't old enough to cross the street by herself, though, so she could only run away as far as the end of the block. There are other fascinating pieces to that story that have all escaped my feeble brain, but I like to sit in my kitchen and eat King Vitaman because it reminds me of Keilyn. I miss you, my sweet. Remind me what parts I've forgotten. In other news our tax check came today. It was made out to Mr. and Mrs. Sweetpea and GenieAlisa. It's already sitting in our bank account. Mmmm, dirty money.

I've been having some fascinating conversations with Isis (my sweet black goddess of a kitten) lately. Usually it's something like:

Isis: (telepathically communicating with the front door) Open ze door.

Me: No, you just came in. There are cat hawks out there and you know you'll get rained on. Stay inside and eat cat food. Live the good life.

Isis: (telepathy with a slight nod in my direction) Open ze door. Now.

Me: No!

Isis: Meow!

Me: No, I'm not giving in. I'm stronger than you.

Isis: Meow!

Me: No!

Isis: Meow! (which begins to sound a lot like "no", itself - she's sassing me!)

Me: Hmm, Sue says that saying no only makes her son Zach thinks it's a game. I'll try something else. Hot! (blowing on the door)

Isis: Mur?

Repeat this about 15 times every night. The variations are usually only on my part. My lines change to things like \"I know the laptop is cozy and warm but I have to read diaries on it, sugar lump.\" or \"Please don't nuzzle the pencil while I'm trying to write down phone numbers, my little lamb.\" Cuteness is her secret weapon.