DLand - Whoa Here She Comes ...

I am going to kick the next Chinese person I see, I swear to God! If I see another Chinese hacker virus on another server this week, so help us all! I don't normally rant, but do you ever have one of those days when the whole world just seems insane? This morning I'm listening to the radio and the first Deejay starts talking about his cousin whose son has a summer job as a florist's assistant and how he's so embarrassed. And then all these idiots start calling in about their kids who don't have jobs they like. Am I the only one who sees the problem with this?

Insolent Dad: "Yeah, my kid has just really got me worried at his new job."

Insipid Deejay: "Florist? Yeah, I could see how that would be bad. Next your daughter will want to be a mechanic."

Me screaming in car: "Oh, for Christ's sake, what year is it?! 1492?!"

Incompetant Parent: "Yeah, he makes more than I do an hour to sit in air conditioning and arrange roses. It's just disgraceful."

Me screaming in car: "Yeah, your kid isn't pregnant. Your kid isn't high on crack. Your kid gets up every day and leaves your house to go to work and make $15 an hour. That just really sucks. Call Dr. Laura! Maybe she would have some pity for you, you ignorant prick!"

So I change the station and the country station is playing some jingle with the lyrics "I'm proud to be a Rebel, 'cause the South is gonna do it again." What the hell does that mean? Again, I ask, what year is it?! So I just turn off the radio and fume the last 4 miles to my office.

So then I talk to more stupid people than any one person can handle. I think I talked to 8 different sites today who had been hacked by the Chinese. They're all in a panic because the president of the University is getting rude emails. Bah, I just was losing my patience with them. These people wouldn't know an operating system patch is their life depended on biting them in the mixed metaphor. They couldn't find their own ass if they were sitting on their hands! Bah, is all I say.

So my one ray of light is that Joonyah is sending me and my sweet $600 next week (yeah the husband with a SSN ending in 00). I think we're going to give half of it to some charity for stem cell research and spend the rest on sex toys. Muahahahaha.

P.S. I'm left-handed too. Muahahahaha.