DLand - I Guess You Can Go Home Again

Sunday we went to the beach. It was an impromptu trip in that I wanted to just go out and be in gorgeous weather for a bit. Norfolk has a beach too, you know. It's in the Chesapeake Bay so the waves aren't that awe inspiring, but the view is still great and the beach is completely non-commercial. This is the beach that I grew up on as a kid. My mother would take me and we would spend a few hours out there (only living three blocks from the beach we could walk). It was on this beach that I learned how to swim in moving water and gained a healthy fear of jelly fish. Once I swam into one that had to have been the size of my head. Thankfully, I saw none so large yesterday. Jeremy spent most of the time looking for "neat stuff" in the sand and I took some photos and frolicked in the water. The water was really warm but I had just shaved my legs, so I my body couldn't decide if it wanted to be there or not. One of Jeremy's treasures was a maiden's purse, which he claims is the egg sac from a ray. I'm not sure what it looks like, but it was irridescent and rather nice there on the beach.

Jeremy managed to be attacked by a jelly fish in the foot. I told him that he should pack sand on it and it's supposed to make it feel better. But he didn't want to get out of the water so he buried his foot in the waves and nearly fell on his butt a couple of times. After all that we decided that this whole sand packing theory is just something to get whiny kids on the beach and out of the water for a while til they forget about their jelly fish sting.

Jeremy: Sorry, I keep pushing you up shore. The water is stinging my jelly fish foot.

Me: Well, why don't you let me walk on that side and you can walk in the sand?

Jeremy: Because my other foot likes it too much.

The finale for the trip was the dolphins playing and fishing about 30 yards from us. They're really hard to take pictures of though, being grey and fast and sneaky. All last summer we lived here and never went to the beach. This was like something out of a novel and all we had to do was walk up and enjoy it. So I'm re-falling in love with my home. We've been courting each other for many years, but this time it's true love.