DLand - Almost a Naked Sorority Meeting

I dreamed about you last night, Gen. You lived in a two story log cabin with some sort of loft/balcony. We talked about various novelties while folding sheets in \"your room\" which had one small dresser and two single beds. Apparently I was going to stay there that night and we had to pick out the sheets. You were all proud of the new sheets you had bought and how you had different colors for different themes that would match your various moods. As if you would change sheets mid-afternoon if the atmosphere of the room started to shift from glum to cheery. I remember distinctly a nice maroon comforter slumping in the corner. What a nice sheet that was. "Alan's room" was about 10 times the size of yours. You could have played hockey in this place. But it was very dark with one small window that had a huge amount of light beaming through it. It was a rainforest of dirty underwear, exuding "boy smell" like the walls themselves were perspiring. There was a huge bed in the middle of it somewhere under all the clothes. Sorry, Al, but in my dream, you were an absolute slob. Shame on dream you.

Logan apparently lived downstairs but I think that basically involved him watching a lot of television and drinking a lot of beer on the sofa. All I remember was knowing he was downstairs watching television and yelling at it. Alot.

Mostly I was jealous of your bedspreads, Gen. You always get the good bedspreads, damn you. What would Freud say about that, eh?

P.S. In my dream, Gen, your hair looked great!