DLand - We are Diaryland, Resistance is Futile

I learned all kinds of neat things this weekend. Unfortunately, most of them have leaked out my brain and I will only remember them about 50 years from now. We went to the museum to play on Saturday. I saw a pretty window by the Tiffany lamp artist (Mr. Tiffany? -I'm such a scholar). Sweetpea and I thought it would have been nice over a bathtub (it was about 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall and a picture of a sunset). And we saw cut glass bowls that looked like the one we got from Aunt Betty. We have stuff in our little abode that could be in a museum. Ok, one bowl. But the tours start on Wednesday. GenieAlisa Museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays. Built a computer for Craig this morning. I had lots of spare parts lying around so he footed the cost of the pieces missing and got a pretty sweet little machine. Didn't get much test driving in but, it should be okay. It will be an excuse to visit them so we can finish tweaking it.

I have been connected to the computer all weekend. I feel like I should have a cord coming out of my belly button. Green flashing lights in my earlobes. Sweetpea fussed that I was ignoring him and would wait 10 minutes before answering any questions while sucked into the vortex of the LCD screen (turnabout is a bitch). But we worked that all out and have learned new ways of communicating. Living with someone is never easy. Don't ever let anyone tell you different.

I burned the tops of my thighs too. I feel like a major dummy for that one. So not only do I have tender limbs, but I'm going to have really stupid tan lines. Tan lines of course being a loose term given my fair complexion. I should call them burn lines or freckle lines. But they could be a lot worse. I can wear pants and not scream or fidget. And my face is not burned or freckled out.

And I'm so glad to be reading diaries like Rolf and Mel and Pavla. I've gotten all my bookmarks organized (much like organizing one's sock drawer but without the fabric softener scent) and don't plan on missing a word. Wahootie!