DLand - Exit from Curbside Only

You know those geese that are big and black with those red lumps on their heads? The really ugly ones? Well, we're motoring down the highway in the Jeep with no doors on and this HUGE BLACK THING came right at me! He flew into the hood of the Jeep and flapped up into the side view mirror and was almost in my lap before he flew backwards to the sidewalk. I yelled like I was possessed. My foot was all up like Jackie Chan in a spinning kick. Hoowaa! First I was worried that we had unintentionally hurt a crow or a raven. I looked back and realized it was just one of those ugly geese, though and then I was just mad and him for hitting our car and trying to hitch a ride.

It could have been very ugly had he made it into the cabin with us at 45 miles an hour.

I'm sure my friends at PeTA would have had something to say about that.