DLand - What Makes You Dance?

The past week or so has been adventures in Phone System Land. We have a new system that is ultra sweet that has hold music and forwarding and is 8 million times better than the old system. It's funny to hear our customers give comments on it and get used to it. Just gotta get a better phone to record the greeting. But all in all, we give it an A+. And I've made a new friend in California - Brett Verdenschnerver (aka Mr. Unpronouncable) - who sold us the system and he's all down with it and all its features. He rocks. We have done some timid house browsing (not shopping yet) trying to see what we would want in a home. So far we've only just discovered that we're too picky and everything sucks. Oh, and we hate real estate agents. They are all sent from the debil.

We've also been searching for some wicked tunes in stores. We waltzed up to the check out at Planet Music (also a store of the Beast, but a necessary evil sometimes) with Ethel Merman, Charlie Daniels Band and Huey Lewis and the News. The check out girl raised a very tall eyebrow at me. You wanna make something of our music taste, huh? I'll take my shoes off right now and fight you over it! Oh, and K-Mart had this much recommended Cat Stevens cd on sale for like $12 so we got that too. I preface this by saying it was very late and Jeremy was very tired, but he said in the car: "So Cat Stevens is that guy who's all down on women, right? Like makes them wear bags on their heads?" I almost wrecked the car. Then when we got home I explained how he converted to Muslim and has some "bag wearing" wife and kids and has renounced all of his pop star days. He also asked if his backup singers had to wear bags on their heads while their singing. Laugh, I thought I'd die. You can't make statements like that and not expect to be in Diaryland.