DLand - Give Me an S ...

So Thursday you missed quite a show in my office. I was trying to unplug the filter on the 110 gallon fish tank so we could get the motor replaced. Well, I unplugged the wrong part and then this bizarre mixture of water pressure and suction was beginning to turn the front room into a lake before I could make it stop. I estimate about 10 gallons of water ended up in the floor. Basically, from the moment I pulled the wrong tab til I pulled the hoses out to break the suction "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" was my mantra. Gallons of water were pouring into the reception area. Gallons. Amazingly enough, Sweetpea brought the wet/dry vacuum by the office and it pulled it all up. You could barely tell the floor was wet when I finished. But it wasn't really what I was planning to spend my morning in the office doing. Sweetpea saved the day. This weekend was Gay Pride in San Francisco. The B52's were playing downtown. I was talking to Mark the Mormon and he said that normally they have the American Library Association conference the same weekend. This year it was a week early. Ah, well. Can't see and do everything.

Got a whole lot of nothing done this weekend. Mostly cleaning the kitchen and doing some laundry. And vacuuming the stairs. I'm telling you it was a regular thrill a minute Chez Sweetpea and Me.

Speaking of Sweetpea, he's lost 28 points so far on Weight Watchers. Go Sweetpea! He is the weight loss champion of our house! There's a whole new piece of his closet that he's delving into that he hasn't seen in a while. I'm the captain of his cheerleading team! Who's the man? Sweetpea's the man! Time to go show off my pom poms.