DLand - Go West!

So much happened while in California. More than I can wrap my brain around it seems. First, I did do some work, which involved waking up at 5am to answer phone calls and then go to a few meetings. They were overall uneventful. The best part of my whole adventure has to be the trip "up country". Up country basically involved trekking into the middle of nowhere Northern California (Mid-o'-Nowhere County, I presume) and adventuring around the property that Carl has up there. It was some of the most breath-taking scenery I have seen in a very long time. I don't know that I could live up there permanently but it would certainly be an excellent place to visit for a week every year. I got to drive an ATV while up there. They are more fun than any human should have on four wheels. I absolutely must own one, although finding a place to drive it will take some work. Also saw some coy that were as big as my leg. They really were beautiful fish. I could have done without the catfish as big as my leg, but mostly because they sorta creeped me out.

Father's Day was spent doing some work again (like I said, the conference was mostly uneventful). After that was dinner at Le Soleil, a French Vietnamese restaurant. We didn't choose our entrees so expertly, but the spring rolls and soups were fabulous. Even my Saigon beer was excellent.

Every time I go out west, I start to like it a little more. It's really indescribable. A part of me could be tempted to move out there. I just can't think that far ahead. For now, we'll stick with visiting.