DLand - Leaving on a Jet Plane

On the plane to San Francisco now. This week has been crazy busy with work. I got to see the HOV lanes switch over from one direction to the other at 12:45am the other night on my way home from work. And was back at work at 7am. Good thing I like my job. :) So San Fran holds the excitement of the annual American Library Association conference (too many librarians in one place if you ask me). But it's really an excuse for us to visit my fathers-in-law, Carl and John. It should be a hoot. We're supposedly going “up country” to see Carl's piece of property on Saturday. That should be exciting. I'll take some pictures and post them.

So today, Bossman, his wife and I go to lunch. I had been itchin' to eat at Ragazzi's for a while now. They have the best manicotti. So we get there and they seat us in one of those half circle booths (the kind they have in chinese restaurants). Mrs. Bossman is a bit tardy so our waiter comes over and gets our drink orders. On his way to the drink stand, he knocks over this rack of trays that go down like a house of cards. Bossman says, “hehe, I'll move over here so he won't be able to spill stuff on me” and we all have a little chuckle about that. Then he comes back and proceeds to dump Bossman's entire Coke all over him, the table and the bench around us. Not only that but I was bone dry until he was trying to clean it up and splashed me with it. It was a regular comedy of errors. Bossman took it in stride and good humor, but this guy had to have been the klutziest waiter I've ever seen.

We're flying into the last bit of daylight left and there are lightning storms all around us. It's amazing to see. It's really as if Zeus himself were throwing bolts. Or perhaps there's a smith in the clouds working over his forge. Sweetpea is glued to the window and just used his dinner napkin to clean the glass for a better view. We're in first class now, too, so he's got a prime seat. Bossman said that letting him fly first class for the first time across the country will spoil him and cost me thousands of dollars for years to come. I just think it's kick ass to have a table cloth on my dinner tray. We don't even use table clothes and real glasses in our house. Like casting pearls before swine. Oink, oink is all I gotta say.

(this posted once I got to a network connection as I'm not paying $8 billion to post this from the plane)