DLand - Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?

This article makes me very mad. Basically, Virginia Beach has just passed a local ordinance saying that you can only have same sex tattooing and piercing. What a crock of stupidness. Now, whether you think having someone of the opposite sex touching your genitals for a professional procedure is a good idea ... ok, so whether you think having your crotch pierced or tattooed is a good idea, it is not up to your city to make it against the law. This is a complex mixture of medicine and art. I don't just want any gal tattooing me or piercing me based on her gender, instead of her skill. What woman has enough moxy to pierce her genitals, but not enough to cuss out the man doing it or kick him in the head? Perhaps I'm just missing something. Bah, is all I have to say.

In other news, we saw Pearl Harbor on Tuesday night and Moulin Rouge on Thursday night. Pearl Harbor was okay - nothing fabulous. But Moulin Rouge was totally wonderful. I really did feel like I was in another world. The colors were so fabulous! Sweetpea's comment was “I had no idea Ewan MacGregor was that talented and no idea that Nicole Kidman was that much of a hottie.” Profound, my sweet. But I've done all kinds of homework on the Moulin Rouge and late nineteenth century Europe. I can't wait to own that movie. It was like a comic book that moved! So my biased review was go see it immediately.

Sharon was talking about it on Wednesday night and how she wanted to see how they dealt with it being from Toulouse-Lautrec's point of view and how that would have affected the story. It was amazing to listen to her wax poetic about it. I forgot she has a degree in Art and was completely in her element. It was fun to learn from her. It inspired me to do some homework about it.

The other fascinating thing Sharon was talking about was when Mungoe was sent out for Desert Storm. He went to Okinawa and then some random Asian country (can't remember where). They get there and the volcano there erupts. All the power goes out and all the pregnant women go in to labor - at the same time (something to do with the barometric pressure of something). So Mungoe spends days delivering babies in an Asian hospital with a coal miners lantern on his head since they have *no lights*. I saw him in a whole new light (no pun intended). So the next time you see Mungoe or the next time you think your job is kinda hectic, think of what his job has been like somedays. I still can't get the image out of my head of his head between a pregnant lady's knees with a spotlight on her crotch yelling “One more push!”. tee hee hee They probably have an ordinance against that in Virginia Beach too.