DLand - Is it hot in here or is it me?

Weather forecast in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel - partly cloudy. I woke up this morning and when I stepped out into the hall smelled burnt toast. After much confusion, I finally found out that there was a forest fire about 3 miles north of the park and that the winds were sending the smoke all through the park ... and into the hotels. The exhibit hall and front lobby all had several feet of smoke hovering at the tops of them. It was very strange. Earlier it was bad enough they closed the airport and it was hard to drive around. But it seems to have cleared up so far. Saturday I flew down to Orlando for this Medical Library Association conference. Overall that was pretty uneventful. But I'm discovering that all of Walt Disney World was designed by a ten-year-old. The happiest place on earth? More like the tackiest place on earth. I am staying in the most gaudy hotel known to man. Salmon and mint julip vomiting all over the curtains and furniture. My lamps are shaped like palm trees. My light fixtures are covered with pineapples. I'll add pictures when I get home. It's horrendous.

So the work part of this trip has been a bit of a joke. I was brought in to be the medical features expert on our product and I think I talked to three people today. Ah, well. I'm getting a free tour of DisneyWorld. I had breakfast with Pluto and his friends this morning. I tell ya, that Dale Chipmunk is a real Casanova.